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Customer Testimonials

Testimonial Award

I was worried that I may not be able to access the holiday as well as others due to my visual impairment, I was pleasantly surprised, and the level of service was excellent.

The Seable guys provided us with tips & advice on where to go and what to do & I would definitely recommend them to my family & friends! Let us Stay Longer!

Elin Williams

Testimonial Award

The activities were well managed and well led by the volunteers. The volunteers were great, they did exactly what they had to, no more and no less.

If we left anything behind or needed an arm they were happy to help. At the same time, they were good fun and sometimes indistinguishable from the group of visually impaired people.

I feel this was a nice touch as there was little distinction between the volunteers and the group and hence, no significant split in the group. Yet, when I needed help such as climbing Mt Etna, or help swimming in the pool, they were happy to provide it…


Testimonial Award

We were provided with Class A service, it was professional, friendly, knowledgeable and exceeded our expectations.

Since we had no preconceived ideas of what to expect and like the chances for spontaneity during travel, we appreciated the input from Damiano and team.

We enjoyed the flexibility we had and very much appreciated the candor about certain restaurants or areas we wanted to visit.

I will recommend Seable to anyone I meet or know that can use the services of this company.

Mrs. D. Flook

Testimonial Award

I was very impressed with the amount of activities we were able to have a go at in such little time.

I really enjoyed going up Etna and was very surprised how we all managed so well to get up using our canes on difficult surfaces. This was an experience in itself as not many people get this opportunity.

This holiday was a fantastic experience I think not just for myself but for everyone. It helped me with confidence as well as everything else.

We all got to have a go at something and do something that we never though as a VI person we wouldn’t be able to do with out the help of Seable.

Graham Stern

Testimonial Award

Has Seable helped me achieve well-being? I believe it has as I’ve now been put into a new sport that I now love, and I know that will help me increase my confidence and help me meet new people.

Even though I am blind, they’ve enabled me to either do more or the same amount of things as a sighted person does.

I loved every single moment of my time here in Sicily. I would like to recommend Seable to everyone out there physically disabled or sensory disabled as I believe they will help you improve your capability of meeting new people and improve your social skills.

Stephen Campbell

Testimonial Award

Excellent service from everyone at Seable 10/10! I would definitely recommend Seable to my friends.


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