Many people are still unaware of the life-enhancing qualities of Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles. Vehicles fall in the category Wheelchair Accessible when they are converted or modified in such a way that a wheelchair user can travel either as a passenger or as a driver without the need to get out of the wheelchair. Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and brands and many vehicles can be converted and made Wheelchair accessible.


New Found Freedom

Many wheelchair users experience difficulties when having to travel longer distances. And public transport is not always the best choice, especially when you are confronted with long waiting times or cold and rainy weather. Activities of daily life as simple as going to the grocery store or a doctor’s appointment can become more complicated as many wheelchair users rely on public transportation or shared van services. Some people even say that they sometimes choose to stay home more often than they would like to because they do not wish to go through the hassle of arranging transport. Until recently, expensive customized vehicles and private drivers were the only alternative for a wealthy few. But new advances in car modification technologies now allow wheelchair users and their family and friends to convert any vehicle into a wheelchair accessible vehicle at a fraction of the cost of custom built wheelchair accessible cars.


Those who purchase or lease wheelchair accessible vehicles often immediately notice a drastic improvement in their quality of life and sense of freedom. A trip to the beach, visiting family on a Saturday night or even a privately planned holiday: all of these activities now can happen on your own schedule. Owning one’s independent vehicle can do wonders to enhance your feeling of personal freedom and also saves you lots of time. That time can be used to enjoy the things you love in life, such as drinking a cup of tea with family members, friends and engaging in other hobbies.


How Do I get a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle?

Most cars can be modified to become a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle. Cars are adapted to wheelchairs by adding a ramp or a lift for increased accessibility. This empowers wheelchair users to even enter a car with little or no assistance. If you need more information regarding Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles, or are considering or want to buy them, you can contact us or place your orders through us. We work with the leading dealers in the United Kingdom and offer a comprehensive packet of services. Contact us for all you wheelchair accessible vehicle needs including rental, hiring and retail services.


Things to Consider when Choosing a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle

Since many vehicles can be modified to become wheelchair accessible, there are many factors to consider when choosing a wheelchair accessible vehicle. The first question has to do with driving: do you want your vehicle to let you sit in the driver’s seat, or do you want to primarily use it as a passenger? After that, our conversion specialist can work with you to further customize the vehicle to meet your needs for access, including choosing between a lift or ramp and the type, brand and size of the vehicle. Depending on build and size of the vehicle, the car can also be tailored to your needs and provide side or back loading.


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