We’re quite proud of our blog and we love writing it. It’s a great way to connect with our audience, share stories and helpful information, and stay up to date with everything in the world of accessible travel. However, as much as we would like it to, one blog can’t cover everything! And even researching one blog post requires regularly reading numerous accessible travel blogs.

We’re also a big fan of sharing the love here so we’re going to outline our favourite accessible travel blogs for you (blogging about blogs! Meta, we know!). Each one also has a slightly different perspective or area of expertise, whether that be industry knowledge, travel experience or a personal journey. So without any more blogging about blogs, here are the six accessible travel blogs that you need to read!


The Geordie Traveller

accessible travel blogs: the geordie traveller

The Geordie Traveller is Anthony, a young man,  unsurprisingly, from Newcastle, who is attempting to visit every country in the world. He writes with real honesty and humour, and gives really interesting first hand accounts of what it is like to travel with a disability (he has a very rare genetic disability that affects every joint in his body), and also makes some very interesting points about the way different cultures treat disability. If you like personal writing then The Geordie Traveller is for you! He’s also running a competition for people to travel free with him, which is a pretty great incentive to read!

What he says:

“I have recently began an audacious mission to set foot (wheel) in every single country in the world – a feat which is rarely achieved by even the most intrepid of explorers, let alone somebody who uses a wheelchair day in, day out. I’m fairly certain this is a challenge which has never been conquered by someone who, in the eyes of society, is considered severely disabled. I’m here to show the world that in some ways disability is just a state of mind.”



accessible travel blogs: wheelchair travel.org

WheelChairTravel.org is run by John Morris, a 26 year old man who became severely disabled after a car accident. This blog offers his traveling experiences and information about destinations, but what really sets WheelChairTravel apart is their travel resources. If you want to know the how to’s of travelling with a disability, navigating flights, planning, booking hotels etc., this is the place to start. They also have a really useful FAQ’s section and the website is very easy to use and navigate.

What he says:

“After my car accident, I was told that my disability would make travel impossible. That was three years ago, and I have since visited 19 countries and flown more than 300,000 miles – all with one hand, a passport and my power wheelchair!”


Martyn Sibley

Martyn Sibley is quite a well known name in the accessible travel industry. He founded Accomable and recently launched the successful Accessible Travel Week. It’s this experience and industry knowledge that sets Martyn’s apart from other accessible travel blogs, he has the business acumen to keep you up to date with all the new developments! It’s not all business though, he also talks about traveling and his own experiences.

What he says:

“I have a ‘live the dream’ message to encourage everyone to enjoy life. No matter how difficult it may be! I blog about my disability, loved ones, health, work, socialising, travelling and personal challenges. I try to capture my dreams, my worries, my progress and my love of life with articles, pictures and videos.”


The Bimblers

accessible travel blogs: the bimblers homepage

Bimbling means “travelling slowly, aimslessly and without purpose”, which to my mind also means The Bimblers have the best name out of all these accessible travel blogs. It’s run by Rob and Bridget – Bridget has RA and Rob is her carer – and the website looks great, is easy to navigate, and they write in a really accessible and friendly way. The Bimblers began as a personal journal and has become a blog “about travelling when you’re struggling to travel”. They’re also being on travelling in and around the UK, including things like day trip and restaurant reviews, so if you’re looking to travel a bit closer to home this is the blog for you!

What they say:

“Back in 2014 Bridget’s health deteriorated and I was forced to quit my job to become her full-time carer. Terrified by the thought of sitting at home for the rest of our lives, we developed a plan. The plan was loosely based on a long-held dream of travelling around the UK in a camper van. I say loosely because we don’t own a camper van!”


Curb Free With Cory Lee

accessible travel blogs: curb free with cory lee

Curb Free with Cory Lee is another great blog if you want to read stories about traveling the world with a disability. Cory is very well travelled and does some great write ups and guides of the cities he visits all over the world. What really makes him stand out from other accessible travel blogs is the ‘Wheelie Inspiring Interviews’ section (we all love a good pun). He interviews various disabled people from all walks of life, such as fellow travellers, travel company operators and mobility technology companies, to bring a variety of expert opinions and different perspectives to his blog.

What he says:

“I want to share my accessible (and to my dismay, sometimes not so accessible) adventures with you. My life goal is to visit every continent, even Antarctica. I am going to document all of my travels in this blog and hopefully I can inspire you to start rolling around the world.”


Hot Wheels Goes

Hot Wheels Goes is run by Amy, and it’s running The Bimblers close for the title of best name! Amy is another personal blogger, writing mainly about her own experiences of travelling. She is an exceptionally honest writer, unafraid of writing about the struggles and difficulties that come with travelling with a disability, including mental health issues. She also writes about her friends and family who help her travel which is another interesting angle!

What she says:

“I’ve got two goals with my blog: One is to regale you with the (sometimes ridiculous) stories of travelling with a disability. I hope that regardless of your experience with disability you’ll find some of these stories amusing, and perhaps that I might make you reconsider some of your views towards disability. My second goal is to try and put together some genuinely useful guides to the places I’ve been for travellers with disabilities.”


So those are our favourite accessible travel blogs. Hopefully each one should give you a slightly different angle on accessible travel, but what unites them all is their passion and knowledge. We just hope you don’t like them so much you forget about us!

Remember to share with all your friends who have a passion for accessible travel and do let us know if there are any great accessible travel blogs that we’ve missed!

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