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Seable is an award winning social enterprise, organising accessible and active holidays for individuals, couples, families and small groups.

Our accessible holidays are tailored
to your needs.

We guarantee a stress-free booking process while providing local knowledge that you need in order to enjoy the holiday to the fullest.

We collaborate with local and international charities to guarantee the maximum level of knowledge and experience. Our partners, aim to make a difference in the world by catering exclusively for people with disability.



Is it possible for a holiday to change your life?
Twelve years ago, Martin Florio and Carmelo La Rocca met in a hospital, each recovering from a serious accident. Carmelo having been hit by a drunk driver, regained the use of his legs although Martino was not so lucky and unfortunately his injuries resulted in him being paralysed. This therefore meant that he would now have to use a wheelchair.

Martino didn’t accept it very well which sent him spiralling into depression not long after. Carmelo decided then and there that he should commit his life to help Martino to get through. As they talked, Carmelo shared his passion for Scuba diving and in the following months the two men worked together to start the charity ‘L.I.F.E’ (Life Improvement For Everyone).

This charity focused on rehabilitation and accessible sports, along with the motto; ‘accept the challenge’

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Martino enjoyed scuba diving so much that he became the first paraplegic man to dive 59 meters, a Guinness World Record in 2009. L.I.F.E has since gone on to help many other disadvantaged people including young Benedetta Spampinato (blind) who now also holds a Guinness World Record (2009), for deep sea diving. Now, Seable is connecting Brits with the opportunities of L.I.F.E. with culture, food and adventure packed holidays accessible for everyone.

Damiano La Rocca, Director of Seable and the son of Carmelo La Rocca, wishes that every disabled person in the UK can experience a rewarding, exciting and potentially life changing holiday. On a Seable holiday, visually and physically impaired people can enjoy every type of holiday whether it be accessible excursions and activities such as scuba diving, olive oil making and exploring Europe’s highest active volcano or simply a relaxing holiday. Whatever is decided, Seable will tailor a dream holiday.




Our Promise to you

We take the time to listen to your ideas and worries, providing our honest and personal recommendations and sharing our first-hand experiences. Our experts are ready to craft your perfect holiday and bring it to life, adding authentic experiences that will linger in your memory. We will look after you every step of the way, from our 24-hour emergency helpline to the local chaperone on call to take you around the famous city and hidden places.

Our clients range from first time travellers to experienced holidaymakers of any age and sight impairment. Acting on consistent positive feedback we strive to ensure that every client has a holiday that they will remember for years to come.


The Seable Difference

With Seable, your visual impairment no longer necessitates the need to travel accompanied by your family members, or carers. Now, as a blind traveller you can simply choose a date and book your holiday, we will take care of the rest. When you travel with us you will receive assistance from the time you reach the destination, to the time you depart.

All our activities are tailored for visually impaired and our guides are local to the destinations and they will look after you as a friend, not as a tourist.



“…with Seable I can do the same amount of things as a sighted person does.”
– Stephen


“…this holiday certainly raised my self-esteem because I can travel abroad on my own.”
– Peter


With Seable, visual impairment no longer necessitates the need to travel accompanied by family members.
Now blind travellers can simply choose a date and just book their holiday.